Monday, 5 December 2016

Press Release: 18 hours of full duty, stress, sweat and persistence @Euroskills2016!

Winner Euroskills2016 Electrical Installations:

Yvan Fässler (CH) Gold, Matthias Moser (A) Silver and Werner Sillanpää (FI) Bronze!!

18 hours of full duty, stress, sweat and persistence @Euroskills2016!
This is exactly what award-winning participants, Yvan Fässler Switzerland (Gold) Matthias Moser, Austria. (Silver), Werner Sillanpää, Finland (Bronze) experienced during the 3-days competition in the Gothia Towers area of Gothenburg, Sweden. AIE President Thomas Carlsson (SE) had the honor to hand over the awards to the winning team. “It is fantastic to see all these youngsters happy and proud of their performance”.

For those who don’t go home with a medal, remember this: "Keep your passion for your sector and share it with others, since you are an example for others that will choose for an electrical profession in this more and more electrifying world. You all had a unique experience in being part of this competition, representing your country and having an excell note to place on your curriculum vitae! Don't you ever forget that!"


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Evelyne Schellekens hands over the well deserved AIE Certificate to all candidates!

General Secretary of AIE - Evelyne Schellekens (European Association of Electrical Contractors) ( hands over the Certificate and 'warm' present. See all pictures with candidates here

Marking by the experts | everything counts...



After the end signal... joy, frustration and goosebumps!


Experts support their candidates until the very end! Watch the full pictures here

Times up! Stress and Emotions in the last half hour

Chief Expert Adrian Sommer 'blows the horn' at 13.45 and congratulates every candidate for excepting and fulfilling this challenging task!

Pictures here!!!

Only half an hour to go!!!

See more pictures of the power guys here

Hats off! After only 16 hours of work...

12 out of 17 participants have power! Incredible what they can achieve in little time.
They have about 3 hours left now to complete programming of the whole installation.
Pictures here

Friday, 2 December 2016

KNX programming will talk to Siemens logo tomorrow!

 All laptops and ETS software ready for you guys!

Day 2: Well Done guys!

Last picture updates for today....closing time. See you all tomorrow for the last competition day!

Update pictures DAY 2 | Watch them work! - Two more hours to go!

Asking expert Ralph Sassmanshausen: What is the Euroskills Task about?

The EuroSkills Task:
The candidates from 17 nations all have an identical task:
Build the electric installation of a building with
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Safe Energy Supply via central distribution box to all sockets, lamps and drives
  • Install wired high speed data networks
  • Program the smart building automation bus wired components (KNX) to make it a smart building (dimmed lights, presence detection, shutters control, electric drive)
  • Survive a special 1-hour-theory test (which by the way, they did survive ;-) )
 Find more pictures of today 

Experts are the greatest support to their candidates and are happy to do so!

In this picture Harald Haugen (NO) and Oskar Sjögren (SE)
Some sphere pics of this morning
Thanks to Ralph Sassmannshausen (German expert) for the picture in the early morning!

Times Up and we are back on track for Day 2!

Starting at 9.00 with a theoretical test until 10.00, the candidates were challenged to solve 11 questions with drawings and electrical symbols. Now they are back on track after a short 15 minutes break... - Tweet link | @AIEcontractors

Thursday, 1 December 2016